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Our goal is to provide children with special needs with the skills to cope with life’s challenges. 

Who We Are

We are a team of teachers who have over 45 years teaching experience between us. We provide individualised inputs for families of children with special needs. We deliver tuition, advice, consultation and design intervention programmes for students with Dsylexia, ASD, Emotional Behaviour Disorder, Poor Fine and Gross Motor Skills, Emotional Regulation and Sensory Processing Difficulties.

Our expertise

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our services

1:1 Tuition

Personalized 1:1 tuition tailored to your child’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests. Contact us and book our tutoring service!

Advisory Sessions

Discover your child’s potential. Personalized plans based on their interests, strengths, and weaknesses. Consult with us now!

Screening Tests

Our advanced tests help identify reading challenges, including dyslexia, providing personalized support for children’s success.


Empower your child’s growth. Engage our expert guidance for Early Interventions for your child. Contact us now for support!

Post Diagnostic INterventions

Support your child’s diagnosis with expert guidance. We’ll help you navigate the next steps. Book an appointment today!


Allow us to guide you through the journey of life. Unlock your child’s potential with our ongoing programme of support!

Everyone needs a helping hand



No we do not provide these services.

We are a small team of fully qualified, experienced teachers. We have over 45 years teaching experience. We have worked extensively in National Schools, Special Classes and Special Schools. 

In Special Ed we utilise the knowledge and experience  we have built up over the years to inform our teaching practices. Our aim is to provide you with the best advice and tuition possible.

Ultimately we provide screening tests, advice, guidance and tuition services that are second to none!

Let us get to know your child and let us understand why the teacher has made this recommendation to you. We may be able to make some recommendations to help your child while they wait for an assessment. We can also provide you with some really IMPORTANT INFORMATION BEFORE your child attends an assessment. 

Our service has been designed to provide information, guidance and support to parents of children recently diagnosed with ASD. We have many years experience working in ASD classrooms and Special Schools. We have access to a variety of materials and strategies to help you understand what this diagnosis means for your child. We can guide you with the processes of applying for resources that your child may need, we can guide you with regards to the best school environment for your child.

Our screening test is a quick initial assessment to see how far a pupil’s abilities and skills match those of people who have been found to have dyslexia. Further diagnostic assessments which focus on particular skills such as spelling and the processing of speech sounds are recommended and these should be completed by an education psychologist. We can guide you through this process.

We provide a unique and top-tier service where we specialize in enhancing the reading and writing capabilities of your child. Our expert team of professionals can skillfully design and deliver a comprehensive and tailored program that cater specifically to the individual needs of your child. This program is centered around a multitude of proven techniques and methodologies that promote effective communication and literacy, which in turn fosters greater cognitive development that lays a solid foundation for lifelong learning. Our support program not only aims to create a passionate and confident reader and writer but also to instill a love of learning that will prove invaluable throughout their academic journey. 

We have a very comprehensive maths programme that provides a clear structure that helps children to understand and apply the basics of maths to real life. We follow the primary school curriculum closely and provide a tailored programme of support to our students. We are firm believers in the power of mental maths!

We do not provide OT services, however, we can guide you on activities that may help your child improve their fine and gross motor skills. We have the knowledge of a range of activities that can help your child build up their strength and tone of their muscles, improve their co-ordination and help increase their ability to concentrate in class.

There are a number of reasons for this. Let us assess their handwriting form and the process of handwriting that they currently use. We will then implement a programme to correct any problems that we identify.

All of our teachers are registered with the Teaching Council and are Garda Vetted.

The Teaching Council numbers of our staff are available upon request.

Contact us directly by Email, Phone or Whatsapp. Just hit the button!

Did you know ?

Today in Ireland, there are:

Students with Resource Hours And ASD Diagnosis


Students with Dsylexia in our schools


Students with Emotional Behavioural Disorder

We believe that by providing tailored programmes, we help every child achieve their academic, social, and emotional potential. We are committed to working with families to develop personalized learning plans that meet their child’s individual needs and set them on the path towards a fulfilling future.
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